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A bit about me: I'm a simple girl from the Midwest. (Meat and potatoes, please. No fish.) I don't have a favorite color. I cry (not yell) when I'm angry, and I determine whether I like certain foods based on their texture (not taste). People intrigue me: I enjoy sitting in airports "people-watching" and making up stories about who they might be or really are. I wear my thoughts and emotions on my sleeve, and have a tendency toward sarcasm — really! I love the smell of fresh-cut grass and bonfires. My guilty pleasures include sleeping late on weekends, napping in those afternoons, and eating one-too-many chocolate chip cookies. Cold weather and cloudy skies for extended periods of time make me grumbly. My idea of a "happy hour" is a small group of good friends sharing real conversation and laughing until both our cheeks and guts hurt. Que sera, sera!

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